1. The General’s Barber Shop

    Unit R, Netil Market, Hackney. Cut’s £20, beard trimming £10, beer comes free.

    Open 11 - 7pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

    Fellas, The General has you sorted.

    07811 175074


  2. Check us out!

    Starring us and featuring you. Thanks to Ignas for filming & editing, and to everyone involved. We’re here every Saturday and we do it for you.



  3. The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles

                 The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles

    The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles opened in March 2014 in Netil Market, Hackney.

    Natalie Edwards, after obtaining a degree in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art, has been working in the optical industry for 22 years, and delivers a complete professional service in unique surroundings. Stock at The Worshipful Shop changes weekly, and Natalie provides all of the advice you’ll need to walk away with a pair of beautifully fitting, personally tailored glasses.

    The next step for Natalie is designing her own range of glasses that are to be produced in small quantities, with attention to detail that cannot be found in high street stores. The plans for her first collection include crystal frames that are hand dip dyed in a colour palette that is suited to each customers eye, hair and skin tones. When we say bespoke, we really mean bespoke.

    If the amazing work that goes on inside the shop wasn’t enough, the beautiful shack that houses Natalie’s collection was filmed for Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, and will be featured in an upcoming episode scheduled for June.

    Services at The Worshipful Little Shop of Spectacles start at £90, and vary depending on rarity of frames and prescription needed. Natalie will also dispense lenses for your favorite frames, or fit your specs properly to your face.

    Stop by on Saturdays from 11 - 6pm , or book yourself an appointment for weekdays.

    Facebook | Twitter

    07710 456 085



  4. Field of London flowers

    You may have noticed that change has been afoot down the far end of the market in recent weeks. Spring is taking hold, thawing our cold noses and toes, and encouraging new blooms. Perfect time then to introduce one of our most recent additions to the Netil family…

    Field of London combine classic English blooms with more unusual field flowers and greenery such as willow, pine, flowering asparagus and artichoke, red orach, grasses, wheat, mint, fennel, hops and rosemary, all sourced from local growers. 

    You can find them pottering away in the yard most days, on the market on Saturdays and at Chatsworth Road in the schoolyard on Sundays.







  5. Join us.

    Netil Market has established itself over the last 3 years and is now a bustling Saturday Market and an excellent platform for designers, makers and creative retail. The market aims to promote the work of artists, designers and independent businesses of all types. 

    At present we have 11 permanent traders who occupy the space throughout the week offering visitors a unique and personal service, with an bespoke opticians soon to join the mix that already includes Lucky Chip, Arrow Jewellery, BAO, The Cycle Pitstop and Terrone Coffee co. The plan is to make Netil Market a full-time creative retail, studio and event space. 

    We’re looking for all sorts of businesses to join us, though, at present, we are not looking for any more street food traders. Think furniture maker, gallery, bookshop, stationer’s, clothes shop, jewelers and everything in between. 

    Our trading license allows us to open 7 days per week - Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm and Sunday 10am till 6pm. We ask that traders with shop units open for our Market day every Saturday and also open independently throughout the week. 

    If you’ve got a great idea and want a home for it send your proposal to Sarah at market@creativenetworkpartners.com

    - Open to trade as a shop 7 days per week 
    - Show case your work in your own open style shop/studio 
    - Join our (growing and bustling) creative community 

    from £550/month







  6. Last Saturday was proper good


  7. Morty & Bob’s join the mix.

    Big love to our newest members of the Netil shack fam, Morty & Bob’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Those who have tried their epic toasties will be chuffed to hear that they’ll be curing Hackney’s hangovers from Netil every Saturday soon enough.

    Well happy.

    This is what they do

    This is who they do it for


  8. Grow your own in conjunction with Good Gym!


  9. arrowjewelry:

    Lending some pieces to a shoot with a fantastic team today! #london #jewellery #model (at Stoke Newington)

    Clever Tatiana with her beautiful jewellery. Grab yourself a pair of these at the market this Saturday.


  10. Fetch & Follow

    Fetch and Follow are proving to be a big hit with our four legged friends on the market. Taneale and Genesta have been making organic and seasonal dog treats and accessories for just over a year. 

    Both being dog owners themselves, they wanted to offer dog owners items which are natural, organic and eco friendly with a fun twist, through thoughtfully designed products, packaging and ingredients.

    In addition to homemade dog treats there are a selection of handmade pet beds, blankets, toys, cards and accessories. Woof!